Professional Coaching Services

Tired of not moving your life forward? Coach with Amy and you'll see what is possible for you. You will get laser-focused coaching and proven strategies to get you moving towards the results you want for your life, career, and business. You will finally stop making excuses and start achieving your goals.

Professional Speaking

Please contact or call 507-261-1871


Achieve your biggest goals

Premium Coaching Package

6 Months

Introductory 45 minute Zoom Session to Set Goals & Expectations

two 30 minute Phone sessions per month to focus on goal achievement

10 Minute Phone Sessions Available (As needed)

unlimited Email or Text support in-between sessions

This is the perfect coaching package for you if you want to achieve a big goal such as starting a business, writing a book, changing careers, or losing weight. You will learn change strategies that not only work but will lead to bigger results than you can imagine.

You will have Amy in your back pocket during the full six months to guide you over the hurdles of change, so you can stop the excuses for good and develop the skillset needed for sustainable change.

All sessions are done virtually. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, you can email


Have a Specific Goal in Mind and want quick results?


1 Day

5 hour Saturday intensive via Zoom to get faster results

one 30-minute follow-up session to solidify results

Unlimited email and text support for one month

If you are looking to change a certain area of your life and just need the tools and strategies to get started, then this coaching package is for you. You will receive targeted, laser-focused coaching that will get to the heart of what you want and what is getting in your way.

You will receive proven strategies to help you move through the blocks and overcome challenges. You will walk away with a goal-achievement blueprint to help you stay in course after the session.

In one weekend, you will break down barriers and start achieving your next level of success.

All sessions are done virtually. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, you can email

Jumpstart Coaching Package

Have a goal in mind, but struggling to get started?

Jumpstart coaching package (VIRTUAL)

12 Weeks

One 45 minute Zoom session to get the ball rolling

two 30 Minute Phone sessions to keep the momentum going

three 10 minute Phone sessions (as needed)

Limited Email and text Support in-between sessions

Sometimes all we need is a little boost to get started. Then once the momentum kicks in we are good to go. This package is specifically designed for those who tend to achieve their goals but need a little extra accountability in a specific area.

This package is also perfect for those who just need a sounding board as they venture into new territory in their life, career, or business.



ā€œ I knew I was getting in my own way, but didn't quite realize how or why. One call with Amy and I had a plan and the motivation to execute! Turns out she knew exactly how to nudge me into doing "the BIG THING" I had been avoiding. Thank you, Amy!! ā€

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