You're making change way too hard!

And it's Hurting your Health, Relationships, Finances, Business, and Career

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Ugh! More change.

Everyone is already stressed out and burnt out. The last thing anyone wants is more change, right?

Change feels like another stressor piled on top of a mountain of stress

What if change were easier?

My guess is that your life would be entirely different than it is right now if change were easy.

You would accomplish more ambitious, life-changing goals. You'd be happier and have better health. You'd have more money in the bank. You'd love your career. You'd even have more loving relationships.

So, what makes change so hard?

There are many reasons why we make change hard. But when it comes right down to it, there is one main reason.

Our brain.

We are hard-wired to resist change. It's survival instinct.

Yet, our brain is a capable of restructuring itself to respond differently to life events.

And I can show you how to change your brain to change your life.

It is much easier than you think.

I know because I have learned how to overcome my own resistance to change and have worked with hundreds of others to do the same.

Imagine what life will be like if you achieved all of your goals




Amy is currently offering up to 60-minute virtual speaking options that are customizable to the needs of the organization or group. Sessions are engaging and interactive. Participants will leave with specific strategies and tools that can be implemented immediately.



Amy offers a variety of coaching packages based on the needs of the organization or individual. Amy challenges her clients to take control of their life and results. No more excuses. It is time to take action and reap the benefits.

Nita Beshear Author, coach, speaker

“ Wherever you are in your business, whether you are behind the starting line like I was, or you’ve begun the game but you want to make more traction, Amy can help you move further ahead faster ”


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